10 Tips for Inspiring Survival

By Jim Acee*
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  1. Seek out traditional medical professionals and/or complementary/alternative medicine healers that promote hope and believe in your recovery. Realize that the term "false hope" is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as false hope. Be open to leaving your local area to get the kind of help that inspires hope.

  2. Read about and contact survivors with your type and stage of cancer. Learn from them how to survive and thrive. Your hospital or local library should have books and videos by cancer survivors. Look for these titles: Cancer: Increasing Your Odd for Survival...a great book by David Bognar and video of the same title narrated by Walter Cronkite "Fight for Your Life" and "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" and other videos by Dr. Lorraine Day.

  3. Focus on your reasons to live; your life passions, your unfulfilled dreams, and your relationships with loved ones...or whatever it is that motivates you to go on living. Write these out and review them regularly. A great seminar that helps those with cancer re-discover their passion for life and reason to live is offered by Dr. Lawrence Leshan, author of the excellent book Cancer As a Turning Point.

  4. Surround yourself with loving, caring, supportive, and optimistic people. End relationships or curtail contact with people who do not enhance your healing.

  5. Experience the beauty and healing power of nature combined with the opportunity for personal reflection. Rent a home for a week or two or even a month by the ocean, lake, mountains...wherever you can feel spiritually connected to nature. Or, attend a cancer or meditative retreat located in a quiet and beautiful setting.

  6. Eliminate negativity, stress, and depression. Control depression with herbs or prescriptive drugs. Do whatever is necessary to eliminate negativity and stress...get counseling, quit work, get divorced, etc.

  7. Be willing to try different healing concepts and methods until you find ones that inspire your survival mentally. Don't stick with a healing treatment that you know intuitively is not right for you.

  8. Read survival stories about people who have suffered more than you, and have survived and thrived afterwards. True stories about explorers, adventurers, victims of accidents, disasters, medical conditions, etc are easy to find. Just ask a librarian how to find "survival stories" at your local library or through an interlibrary loan service.

  9. Make future plans and commit to future events. Book a vacation a year in advance, buy a season ski pass for next year, enroll in a college degree program, etc. Visualize your healthy-self accomplishing these commitments. Let these commitments draw you toward the future.

  10. Become convinced that you have a spiritual purpose for living. Know that your life has meaning and significance...that you have a contribution to make, for yourself and for others. Find spiritual support for this concept. Read books by, or be bold and contact or visit spiritual leaders who most inspire you. In your house, post inspirational and motivational quotes where you'll see them often.

Copyright by Jim Acee, March 2000 (Permission is given to make personal copies or copies for free distribution to cancer fighters.)  Available on the web at:  http://www.ovarian-news.org 
under "10 Tips Series for Coping by Jim Acee"

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