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Art.Rage.Us : Art and Writing by Women With Breast Cancer

Us demonstrates a range of emotions experienced by survivors of, and those affected by, breast cancer: dignity, courage, anger, terror, grief, humor and acceptance.

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More about this book.

Total Breast Health : The Power Food Solution for Protection and Wellness

Robin Keuneke

How food contributes to breast health and protects against breast cancer. Keuneke explains how "power foods" (soy, flaxseed, organic vegetables, and fresh, unprocessed oils) contribute to the prevention of breast cancer, including cooking tips and recipes.

Be A Survivor: Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment

Vladimir Lange

Combines the latest medical knowledge from experts in the field with words of wisdom from survivors, and uses photographs and exceptional color graphics to make the most difficult concepts easy to understand.

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More about this book.

Advanced Breast Cancer: A Guide to Living with Metastatic Disease, 2nd Edition (Patient-Centered Guides)

Musa Mayer

Offers authoritative information and hope as it empowers those who live with the challenges of metastatic disease.

Tee Shirts

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T-shirts and events from which a percentage of profits are donated to breast cancer education and awareness.


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Woman to Woman: Breast Cancer and Reconstruction Options (1998) VHS

Breast cancer survivors share memories of their journey from diagnosis to recovery. The videotape covers specific information about choices for reconstruction after mastectomy.

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