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A Dietitian's Cancer Story

Diana Dyer MS RN

Dyer provides specific diet recommendations such as the amount of fat and fiber to include daily and then gives information on how to achieve these goals with sample menus, realistic suggestions for incorporating nontraditional foods and ways to integrate the diet into family meals.

Total Breast Health : The Power Food Solution for Protection and Wellness

Robin Keuneke

How food contributes to breast health and protects against breast cancer. Keuneke explains how "power foods" (soy, flaxseed, organic vegetables, and fresh, unprocessed oils) contribute to the prevention of breast cancer, including cooking tips and recipes.

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What to Eat If You Have Cancer : A Guide to Adding Nutritional Therapy to Your Treatment Plan

Maureen Keane

Offers the most up-to-the-minute information on choosing the best foods to help combat the disease as well as the side effects of chemical, surgical and radiation treatments.

The Cancer Recovery Eating Plan : The Right Foods to Help Fuel Your Recovery

Daniel W. Nixon MD

A noted cancer expert discusses the latest scientific research into the relationship between nutrition and cancer, presenting individualized diet plans--based on various types of cancer.

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