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You may wish to review our suggested links to other sites about cancer. However, you may need to conduct a search on your own in order to answer your specific questions. The Search Engine information below should make your task a little easier.

One caveat: Making use of the Web requires tenacity, common sense and a good amount of healthy skeptisim.

To use a search engine, you type in a word or phrase that interests you and are pointed to web sites or documents on web sites that contain that word or phrase. Each search engine works a little differently, so take some time to explore their home pages to learn how to use them effectively.

The terminology can vary, you may need to verify the spelling and nature of a medical query. Try The Merck Manual or the National Cancer Institute's Dictionary of Cancer Terms to familiarize yourself with the terms used to discuss cancer.

Medical Topic Searches

Researching Medical Literature on the Web
Gloria Miccioli, a law librarian for 20 years who specializes in research, has provided a comprehensive list of medical reference and research sites to aid librarians in conducting searches for clients.
How to Search for Medical Information
This article, updated in October 1999, was presented for the Rhode Island Reference Round Table in 1998 as "Medical Information for the Layperson" by Frank Kellerman -Brown University, Mary Zammarelli - St. Joseph Hospital, and Robert Balliot - Middletown Public Library.

General Search Engines

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